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How To Make Money Blogging With Great Blog Content

How To Make Money Blogging With Great Blog Content

Whether your money making blogs are about finance, insurance, parenting or fetish products, there are certain things you can do for making each post ‘sticky’. Let me share with you a few strategies you can use to make your posts a lot more gripping – regardless of their length or even topic.
Rule of thumb for every post
Keywords and SEO awareness – When settling right down to write your post, don’t launch into the content immediately. Instead, dedicate the initial paragraph to keywords and keyphrases that are widely searched by worldwide readers. Blend your post with stimulating anecdote, a questionable statement, or a knock-out launching sentence, the “bait” that tell your readers that they will learn some new things. This approach has worked well for most bloggers. We are not here to win any writing prizes, we are here to make money blogging. Remember the most simple and     obvious choice is usually the best one.
Your main objective is to attract readership. Therefore, omit any sentences or even paragraphs in your article that don’t fall under these two categories:
1. Words and phrases that persuade people to read the article.
2. Words that readers will want to read.
Your posts should, ideally, move from one category on the other. The aim of your current introduction is to connect visitors in: to give these people a reason to read on. The rest of your post must be dedicated to delivering in your earlier promises.
New bloggers usually make the mistake of concentrating too much on ‘selling’ and forget about adding value to whatever your blog is built in the first place.

Deliver on your promises
Your title will have raised certain expectations about what your post is going to provide. Resist the temptation to provide comprehensive background detail or otherwise include too much preamble on the real value as part of your post. Once your intro is finished, get your post started with the main objective in mind.
A useful habit – Start with your very best self point first. Any reader who was held by your introduction may soon lose interest if the content doesn’t make a sudden impact.
Try to link out as much as possible
Once you’ve done your post, go over it and try to spot possibilities to link out to other websites and blogs. It will add more depth and value to what you write. Even leading bloggers will follow upwards a trackback with an intriguing title, so connecting out can be beneficial from a ‘getting noticed’ perspective, way too. However, always keep Google Adsense TOS in your mind though.
A long post with great contents help in Search Engines (SEO)
There are bloggers who write about 500 words per post and there are those who are even to churn out 3000 to 4000 words per post. For me, I’m not a powerful writer although I have loads of knowledge where I want to share with my readers. Couple with this, I have a short attention span so writing thousands of word per post is definitely not me. But, I always try my best to hover around 800 to 1200 words as much as possible.
Add visual attention
A picture is often worth a thousand words. By adding images, shade and formatting in your post, you’re making them more enjoyable to read. There are readers who appeal to writings, pictures and videos. Emphasizing key essay sentences in bold is a simple yet powerful method to make your posts a lot more gripping.
Make a pact with yourselves to add at least one impression to each post you’re posting, even if the post is short (and even if your image is very little). By adding align=”left” or align=”right” or even align=”center” to the HTML tags on your image, you can press your image to the left, right or center regarding surrounding text. Make use of Google Images to search for the image that appeal to you. Lastly, quote the source and link out.
Use ‘I’ and ‘You’
Only a personal blogger can have unique contents. Most of our money making blogs are in crowded niches and most topics have been covered before ( in certain form or another). The only unique part of the process is you and me. Write your blog like you are talking to your personal friend; to someone whom you sincerely want to impart your skill.
Another point to ponder, if you’re covering news in your specific niche market, ask yourself the following inquiries: does this affect myself or someone I am aware? What do I think the implications of the announcement will be?
If you are sharing your thoughts or knowledge to others, ask yourself, how has this knowledge added value in your venture when you first started.
What I’m delivering to you today is little; knowledge I’ve gathered only for 12 months. Add to mine, you will have a new set of ideas that you may be able to apply on your money making blogs. Consider sharing them as well.

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