Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Indexed in Google Within 24 Hours

Let’s assume that you have just finished the hard work of designing and setting up your new website. Now you want Google and other major search engines to be made aware that your site exists. The process of getting your site indexed in the organic results is the beginning of your off-page SEO. But before you even attempt to use the methods I discuss here it is imperative that your on-page SEO has been fine-tuned.

Get Indexed in Google Within 24 Hours

According to Google
it can take 5-6 weeks for a new site to be listed in the SERP’s – that sounds like forever in the world of instant gratification that we live in. Don’t fret over this as I will reveal a little secret that I have used to get my new sites listed within a day. The underlying dynamics of this process has to do with the trust factor. Google takes a long time to index and list a new site because the new site has not established any measure of authority or trust in the eyes of the BIG G. But if an authority site endorses the new site, the new site receives an element of credibility and Google has no choice but to index it at once!

The Process of Getting Indexed Fast

Now I will like to explain the process to get your site indexed. Assume we have just started a site that targets the keyword “affiliate marketing for newbies”, and we want to get the site indexed. I’ve tried this and it works like magic. So here is what I recommend you do:

Type in the keyword “affiliate marketing for newbies” in the Google search box
Analyse the results and identify blogs that have a PR of 5 or more. Higher Page Rank is a sign of authority.
Next, you should contact a few of the blog owners of the high PR sites and tactfully propose a guest post.
Ensure that you adopt a professional tone when conversing with the webmaster.
If your approach is correct, you will get the opportunity to guest post and a link or two to your site. Fantastic! You’ve just received a high PR backlink and if it is a PR5 link, your site will be indexed within 2-3 days, but if it is PR6 or higher you can expect your site to be indexed within 24hrs or less. This little secret has worked tremendously well for me, and it will certainly get your new site indexed in no time at all. On a side note: if your site has been “Google slapped”, this trick will help your site climb up again.

I am aware that there are other methods used to quickly index a new website. If you know of any – please share your approach.


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